Napoleon Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to study 504 of the world’s

most successful people and to organize a philosophy of success that could be used by ordinary people.

He was the pioneer of the personal development movement. He was adviser to U.S. Presidents, mentor to millions, and friend of Thomas Edison.

The Medical MasterMind Community integrates his philosophy of success into our Career Training, which will guide you through every phase of your development as a physician.


The World’s Best Teachers of Success

The Napoleon Hill World Learning Center offers a $600 Positive Mental Attitude course which walks you through an action plan to follow-through on Napoleon Hill’s program.

In the spirit of the Medical School Podcast and the niche we fill in reducing your mental down-time during the day, I encourage most students to simply listen to his Science of Personal Achievement audio program instead because:

  • The Science of Personal Achievement audio program is in MP3 format and therefore more portable
  • The MP3s can be listened to dozens of times (recommended)
  • This audio program is considered to be Napoleon Hill’s “finished” work, according to W. Clement Stone, Dr. Hill’s manager for the last couple of decades of his life
  • The MP3s have a more step-by-step approach for exactly how to change your life’s circumstances than his first book, Think and Grow Rich


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