About Us

The Medical Mastermind Community mentors premedical students at the high school, undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, and postdoctoral educational levels. We define “premedical” as anyone willing to work towards becoming a physician. Our mentorship includes academic training, career guidance, and a peer support community.

Mission Statement

“Premedical Solutions, LLC exists to expose would-be physicians to what the experience of each step in the medical education process is really like. We create a safe haven for physician-students by enriching their academic and personal lives, which enables them to succeed and fulfill their personal calling. We accomplish this by providing academic support, mentorship, and career guidance through innovative research and strategic partnerships.”

Meet the Team

Daniel M. Williams, M.D. (aka “Doctor Dan”) began advising premedical students when he was in med school in 2004. His award-winning matriculation program was well-received by the University of Houston’s chapter of the American Medical Student Association.

Doctor Dan’s nontraditional approach into medicine has positioned him to mentor students and provide a perspective that understands the mainstream, yet is not biased by the traditional, “cookie-cutter”, “one-size-fits-all” approach to career advising. Doctor Dan did not have any education mentors growing up in Houston, Texas and performed manual labor for 2 years after high school before joining the U.S. Army.

Doctor Dan deployed to Benin, Africa for a humanitarian mission and it changed his life. Because of his lack of formal education and Army reenlistment, his premedical career lasted six years and included not getting accepted the first year. The next obstacle was being unhappy in a malignant Emergency Medicine residency program, where he found the courage to leave to pursue Psychiatry. (learn more)

Dr. Roger Levine is our Managing Research Scientist at the American Institutes for Research, subcontracted in our National Institutes of Research grant proposal to carry out innovative research benefitting medically underserved communities. (learn more)

Dr. Tom Curtin, Chief Medical Officer of the National Association of Community Health Centers, has committed to help us insure our students develop the real-world skills required in today’s job market. (learn more)

Ms. Renee Ebert has been the most dedicated third party member of the mastermind alliance to make the Medical Mastermind Community dream a reality. She has the fortuitous combination of grant-writing expertise, experience in distance learning, and recruiting physicians and physician assistants into rural areas and ensuring their happiness. (learn more)

Ms. Bara Sapir, founder of Test Prep New York, is our dedicated test anxiety and verbal reasoning coach. She has felt so strongly that our company mission deserves support that she has offered us the expertise of her Business Manager, Mr. Alan Brown. (learn more)

Dr. J. B. Hill, M.D., grandson of Napoleon Hill, supports the Medical Mastermind Community and has written us an interesting letter of support, in which he shares how the success philosophy changed his life – twice. In addition, Ms. Judy Williamson, Education Director for the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Perdue University, guarantees success to premedical students who apply this philosophy to their lives. (learn more)

Mr. Miso is our dedicated Information Technologist and custom programmer extraordinaire. His committment and encouragement in the develoment of this vision has been indispensible. (learn more)

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