Episode 63: Learn how to ace your interviews for medical school and residency program admissions. Doctor Dan speaks from a lot of experience to bring you this concise volume. From saving money and resting to practicing your Success Stories and being up on current events, your mind will be fully armed to take on the all-important task of selling yourself on that fateful day.


Introduction to Interview Skills from the Medical Mastermind Community

Hello and welcome to the Episode 63 of the Medical School Podcast. I’m your host, Doctor Dan.

I’m here to bring you in to the Medical Mastermind Community, a fellowship of hundreds of like-minded medical and premedical students helping each other achieve success in a spirit of harmony.

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Interviewing Skills

After you’ve submitted all of your secondary applications, AMCAS> TMDSAS, & ERAS applications, you’ve entered The Gap. This is a period of time when all of your work leading up to this point in your career is out of your control.

Self-esteem and doubts
Fear of not getting emailed or called

There are a number of things you can do to prepare, however. Listen to the above podcast to learn all sorts of helpful tips.

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