One of the first things you realize when you decide to become a physician is how long it takes to complete the training!

  • College Degree: 4-5 years
  • Medical School: 4 years
  • Internship: 1 year
  • Residency: 3 years
  • Fellowship: 1-3 years

Up to 16 years!


What’s included?

Essentially, the Lifetime Membership offers the same privileges as the Platinum Membership but in one easy payment. Please review all of the features of the Platinum Membership before purchasing your Lifetime Membership.

Besides great training in essay writing and interviewing skills, we now offer Residency Match help and insider tips on Malignant programs – and how to avoid them. There is literally training for every major phase of the entire medical education journey. But wait, there’s more!

Now you can get a bulk shipment of all of the following MP3 Audiobook titles:

  • Gold Standard USMLE Step 1
  • Gold Standard USMLE Step 2
  • USMLE Help Step 2 CK
  • USMLE Help Step 2 CS
  • USMLE Help Step 3 CSS
  • Foundations of Medicine

Download your free sample here.

How much for lifetime membership?

Let’s consider the fact that Doctor Dan has been creating content for medical students for over 4 years and he appears to be just getting started – especially with a $750,000 grant proposal to the National Institutes of Health to create even more content! For example, we’ve recently undertaken writing and recording our own, Mastermind-style MCAT prep course called Master The MCAT – automatically available online1

It is a good bet to say that there will be more material created that you can get at no additional cost – ever!

Another important fact to consider is that one year’s worth of basic membership (as of Dec. 2010) costs $456 in installment payments. For a little more you can enjoy a lifetime of membership benefits and multimedia, online versions of every product created in the future.


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