Direct Access to Doctor Dan

This is the only membership level that allows private, direct access to Doctor Dan. There are 2 reasons for this.

First, members of our Mastermind Community have become so well trained that taking questions to the group allows for a much more comprehensive answer than I could give alone. My response is included, but the Mastermind calls are a wonderful way to see the Mastermind principle in action! Therefore, non-members and other, lower-level members send me questions and we answer them as a group. The recordings of these sessions are uploaded with the archived training videos.

Second, the Medical Mastermind Community has grown in popularity and membership so great that I simply can not devote the time it takes to single-handedly answer all of the questions I get with the level of thoroughness and attention they deserve. This is why the Platinum Membership is necessary.

One-on-One Consulting with Doctor Dan

As soon as you join this preferred group, email me, Doctor Dan, directly through my contact page to schedule your first consulting phone call. You will then fill out my custom Needs Assessment Form, which I have developed over the years to guide our initial conversation toward action-oriented goals for your success. Through 3 hours of private coaching, I will help you map out an Action Plan in writing that you can feel confident in!

Choose Training Topics

All of the training in the Medical Mastermind Community, practically speaking, has come directly out of previous requests from past Platinum Members. So, whatever your specific situation is, I will research the literature and present a lecture style presentation to meet your needs. The training sessions you request will be recorded for future use, so you don’t even have to be on the live conference call! Click here to see the archived training videos that aren’t already integrated into the Career Training and Exam Prep navigation menus.

Additionally, you can ask me to interview authors, speakers, or leaders in an area that interests you and I will ask them YOUR questions on the Medical School Podcast! Previous examples include leaders from Gold Standard MCAT, Test Prep New York, and Admissions Consultants.

This is a truly amazing and empowering benefit of the popularity of the Medical Mastermind Community. We have access to nearly anyone you’d like to hear from because they really love the free advertising.


The first payment is more because it includes the original Pre-Med DVD Course from 2008 – packed full of timeless, sage advice on exactly how to get accepted into medical school. Current medical students are advised to email me about Platinum Membership BEFORE you sign up so that I send you the USMLE and Residency Podcast series instead.

You will also receive surprise books and goodies in the mail that will customize your experience in ways you can not imagine. I love to get gifts and be pleasantly surprised and the Platinum Membership is the only membership that incorporates this fun aspect into your training.

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