The traditional pathway for Pre-Med students is to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) at the end of their junior year of college or beginning of the senior year. They apply and interview for medical school during the fall of their senior year and matriculate the next year, right after graduation with a bachelor’s degree.

There are many reasons why the traditional pathway does not work for many students, including having a non-science major (about 33%), doing poorly on the MCAT and needing to retake it, or deciding on a career in medicine later in life.

The single largest statistical hurdle in the entire medical education journey happens during the Post-MCAT Year(s) – getting medical school interviews!

More people do not navigate this phase of their career successfully than all other phases combined!

The reason is not necessarily because of low GPAs and MCAT scores because many people with the lowest scores talk themselves out of even applying.

A number of critical events happen in the Post MCAT Year(s) that the vast majority of students are never fully taught how to dominate:

  1. Telling the success story of your life
  2. Writing a compelling and memorable application
  3. Explaining difficulties positively and emphasizing carefully selected character traits
  4. Interviewing skills
  5. Writing the personal essay with humility and evidence of successes
  6. Not applying to the right number and types of medical schools

The tragedy is that most of these failures are preventable, yet they cause so many people to give up.

So, what is the Medical Mastermind Community and how can it help?

A “Mastermind” group is defined as two or more people, working in perfect harmony toward a definite objective. Therefore, the Medical Mastermind Community is a group of people (students in college and medical school, doctors, test prep companies, and government entities) interested in the success of premedical students.

That’s who we are, and here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Teach you the ever-popular Success Story Format to turn difficulties into a focus on the positive character benefits you received
  2. Increase your confidence for interviews
  3. Provide mock interviews for practice, practice, practice
  4. Teach you the Myers-Briggs personality types to understand who’s interviewing you
  5. Lavish feedback on your personal essay to make it outstanding
  6. Formally train you on all of the components of the medical school application way in advance
  7. Help you overcome self doubt (arguably the biggest benefit for your entire life)

“Your membership to the Medical Mastermind Community is a monthly investment in your future.”

By surrounding yourself with people who already possess the qualities you want, you will slowly acquire a different way of thinking, studying, and organizing your plans to accomplish the goals you want in your own life.

Perhaps a parent or mentor has told you to “choose your friends wisely.” Well, if you want to become a physician, you can’t find better friends than this! But don’t take our word for it, read our Medical Mastermind Community testimonials to see for yourself the difference we are making in people’s lives – it’s much more than a test score!

When you join the Medical Mastermind Community, you will gain immediate online access to our entire curriculum. It can seem overwhelming, so we enroll you in a monthly email series to gently walk you through the steps and help keep you on track.

The very first thing you need to do is listen to Napoleon Hill’s Science of Personal Achievement audio course. If you get nothing else out of your training with us, your life will be immensely blessed by the teachings and philosophy of the world’s first success teacher, commissioned by Andrew Carnegie himself!

The second thing you need to do is join us on a New Member Webinar. Whether you call in or login to view the slideshows, this teleconference will give you specific direction for your particular situation so that you can start getting results in your own life and join the long list of people that tell their friends all about us!

The third thing you need to do is visit the “My Blog” forum and start a New Thread titled by your first and last name. This is a members-only forum and you can not view others’ forum posts there until you pay for an active membership. This private, personal blog is for you to post your action plan and document your progress. Some choose to get feedback on their personal essays there, as other members of the Community love to help each other out.

If you’re ready to grow professionally and personally by accepting our offer for help, then sign up now!

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