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Hello. My name is Daniel Williams, M.D.

After a bit of a rough start in life and even dropping out of high school (see press release), I joined the Army.

There I learned the leadership principles that I teach in the Medical Mastermind Community.

I first got interested in medicine in Benin, Africa in 1997 during a vaccination mission with the U.S. Army (see the documentary videos below).

I have since been honorably discharged and earned a Pre-Med Biology Degree from the University of Texas at Tyler.

Now it is my mission to expose these truths to the world.

Upon graduation from medical school, I received the Bronze Award from the Admissions Department for my work with Pre-Med Admissions.

As an intern in Emergency Medicine (see press release), I devoted what little spare time I had to developing my comprehensive home-study course to walk other premedical students through the entire process.

The Medical School Podcast originally started as a separate, Pre-Med Podcast.

It was so popular that it grew into thousands of Community members and benefactors of the Speed Reading for Medical School course I provide for free.

Dozens of students and I began Mastermind teleconferences in 2008.

The AMSA Mastermind Program founder asked me to help get their program off the ground.

I agreed.

Next, I developed a research project for the National Institutes of Health, with the help of the American Institute for Research.

We are statistically validating that the Medical Mastermind Community helps students in some important areas:

Increase your chances of acceptance into medical school

Increase your MCAT scores

Increase awareness of medically underserved populations and what you can do about it

In 2010, I applied to become an Ambassador for the National Health Service Corpos and teach my students about their medical education loan repayment program.

The graciously agreed.

Now, I host bimonthly Mastermind Support Groups with Medical Students and Pre-Meds that are a great source of fulfillment for me.

Here is how to login or call in and talk to me: LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS.

Now enjoy the video documentary from my trip to Africa, where it all began…

To get the complete picture, you need to know that I am a Christian and think about spiritual concepts daily. Beginning in the Spring of 2010, you can listen to my only two spiritually-related medical podcasts:

God bless and let me know if there’s any question or problem I can help you with.