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Physician Burnout Prevention and Recovery

What does the Medical Mastermind Community offer that would help a physician?

We offer webinars on par with the Healer’s Art course and use the Mastermind Principle as interpreted by Napoleon Hill. I invite you to call in on our next meeting and try it out.

In essence, what happens during the evolution of a physician is that a number of factors conspire to diffuse our original purpose for choosing a career in medicine. Keeping an open mind, our webinars with medical students and pre-med students really help us get back to the root of why we got into medicine in the first place.

Listening to these students offers an inspiring perspective and helps us reshape our vision of what we want our career to be like today.

Why the Mastermind Principle?

The principle of the Mastermind group is that two or more people work together in a spirit of perfect harmony to achieve a definite purpose. While there may be a lot of reasons to abandon medicine, we focus on solutions and not discouragement. The fact is that even if there is a mass exodus from medicine in the coming paradigm, there will remain a generation of physicians that will continue working. Our purpose is help those that are staying in medicine, though we do have a Career Training section on changing medical careers.

Personally, I love the content and factual nature of works like A Return To Healing and The Vanishing Oath, but they offer nothing in the way of encouraging the young physician-in-training in how to survive their careers with an in-tact sense of self, purpose, and fulfillment. They don’t provide an answer at all.

Who may benefit from such an alliance?

The beauty of a Mastermind Alliance is that the every member must be getting something beneficial from the group, though it can be different things for different people. For example, you may find that your burnout is relieved by the conference calls or you may have an interest in advancing Meaningful Use in rural practice. As a rule, we don’t sell anything to each other, but as long as there is harmony among the group and there is a clearly defined purpose, there can be a diverse set of needs being met simultaneously.

Ok, but what do I get out of it?

All memberships include immediate online access to our curriculum, which is mostly student materials because that is the customer base that grew this Community from the ground up. There are a number of resources of interest to physicians at any point in their career, however, such as:

Napoleon Hill’s Science of Personal Achievement audio course

Your Myers-Briggs Personality Interpretation

Health Care Reform Summary

Burnout Prevention reading list

The very first thing you need to do is listen to Napoleon Hill’s Science of Personal Achievement audio course, which will also be mailed to you on audio CD. If you get nothing else out of your training with us, your life will be immensely blessed by the teachings and philosophy of the world’s first success teacher, commissioned by Andrew Carnegie himself!

The second thing you need to do is join us on a New Member Webinar. Whether you call in or login to view the slideshows, this teleconference will give you specific direction for your particular situation so that you can start getting results in your own life and join the long list of people that tell their friends all about us!

The third thing you need to do is visit the “My Blog” forum and start a New Thread titled by your first and last name. This is a members-only forum and you can not view others’ forum posts there until you pay for an active membership. This private, personal blog is for you to post your action plan and document your progress. Some choose to get feedback on their personal essays there, as other members of the Community love to help each other out.

Cost of Physician Membership

The students in the Steering Committee are charter members of the Medical Mastermind Community and they unanimously agreed that there should not be a hierarchy with respect to price or position in our teleconferences. We use first names with physician members of our Community, except for guest interviewees. Therefore the price for physicians is the same as a freshman college student.

If you are ready to grow professionally and personally by accepting our offer for help, then sign up now!

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