Episode 15: Drinking water from a fire hydrant? Learn what the scientific literature says about the medical school experience. Everyone gets overwhelmed, but what separates those that are successful from those who fail?

Listen to this 37 minute podcast as Dr. Dan outlines this important phase in the development of the future physician.

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The first semester of medical school is, no doubt, the most academically challenging experience of a physician’s career. The skills developed early on transcend what can be taught in a traditional classroom, as only recent graduates can recall the specifics of what is faced there.

Our literature shows us several categories of stressors that all conspire to make the academic workload challenging, besides the sheer volume of information: financial, personal, ethical, and academic performance.

I takes each of these categories and teaches what the literature has to say about these topics in detail. This 37 minute podcast is a sample of the full Wellness Program that utilizes my Mastermind Conferences (a part of my high-end coaching program).

“Currently, I take 15 students per year through the course and cater our Mastermind Teleconferences to fit everyone’s schedule as much as possible.”

Listen in to the unique teaching style and content that this group enjoys and consider joining yourself!

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