Episode 17: Discover the best-kept secrets of Interview Day. Here Dr. Dan explains what things to keep in mind when choosing a medical school and residency – by learning what the scientific literature says our challenges are.

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From disappointment with yourself, peers and program directors to the U.S. health care system et. al. we’ll take a broad look at these daunting topics so you’ll be better prepared for your career.

After a thorough literature search of over 200 peer-reviewed articles, I organized them into 5 Phases In The Evolution Of A Physician In Training.

This topic of “The Let-Down” represents Phase 4 from these five developmental stages.

Essentially, disappointment comes from failure to meet an expectation. In this audio MP3 podcast, I explain what common, realistic expectations are when it comes to the altruistic premedical student discovering what realities are in today’s health care machine.

While this topic covers painful experiences of medical school and residency, there is hope! Phase 5 is called Reemerging Priorities, as we get back to our fundamental values that drove us into medicine in the first place.

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God bless,

Dr. Dan

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