Episode 67:¬† Heather De Anda got accepted to her number 1 medical school yesterday and granted us an interview. She shares her “classic mistakes” in previous application years and provides great advice to the struggling premeds, though these principles can be applied to all of us – at any level!


Classic Mistakes in Medical School and Residency Applications:

Here are some classic mistakes (Heather mentioned a few and Doctor Dan added some more…):

  1. Assuming you’re competitive
  2. Not applying to enough schools or programs
  3. Not keeping an open mind and positive attitude while on the interview trail
  4. Not asking for, or accepting, help in the different domains of academics, essay writing, mentorship, interview skills and the success story format.
  5. Not thinking of how your experience can benefit others (Mastermind Principle)
  6. Being stingy with your money and not investing in your preparation

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