Episode 68: Larry Johnston from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine tells us exactly what he did to ace his medical school Histology and Biochemistry exams. You don’t want to miss this one…



Medical School Genius

About 1 in 3,000 people can be considered genius.

But what if genius were defined as the assimilation of opportunity and elite preparation? If that’s the case, then the Study Techniques courseĀ  in the Medical Mastermind Community is exactly what you should do to improve your academic performance.

Can everyone ace medical school?

Of course not.

If everyone had access to the Study Techniques course, it could affect the medical school class’ bell curve and that would require a change on the part of the faculty.

Of course, for everything teacher may try to make tests difficult in medical school, there are those who seem to figure out their tricks and ace the exam regardless.

This podcast interview will introduce you to one of those student that can ace medical schools.

Elite preparation or Genius? You decide.

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