Episode 80: Learn how to maximize your clinical experience for test day. In this episode you’ll learn one of only two study goals during residency. Also, discover which phase of the exam cycle people are neglecting and a new resource that will help you maximize your clinical experience for test day.


“Research shows that only 28% of residents are pursuing their clinical questions.”

Evidence-Based Medicine training is simply not being translated into real life on the wards. And you know why! Time.

Case in point: what is the primary factor affecting your ability to memorize the Gold Standard in the Clinical Science years compared to the Basic Science years? Time

That is why the Golden Summary book is necessary. I’m about to unveil a systematic approach to overcome the time barrier. And it’s as simple as 4 Steps to Maximizing Your Clinical Experience. I’ve now bridged the gap between study approaches of Pre-Med/Basic Science and the mind-bending art of studying on clinical rotations.

Let me show you when it works:

5 phases of the exam cycle: learn to maximize the Latent phase

1.      Test day

2.      Post-test break

3.      Latent phase

4.      Study plan

5.      Test prep

Dichotomize information into Foreground and Background

  • Board review binder
  • Foreground journal

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Product Features:

  • 5 video tutorials streaming from Amazon, totaling nearly 2 hours in bite-size format for you to do at your own pace.
  • In fact all of the video tutorials in the Medical Mastermind Community now stream live from Amazon – no more downloading them and finding the right player.
  • Step-by-step checklists for each tutorial in PDF format for you to print.
  • Clearly delineate a paradigm shift that happens in your study goals when you reach the end of medical school – which persists throughout your training and career really. Without the rapid cycle of exams, learn how to use the 80:20 rule to your advantage. (Hint: there are only 2 study goals in the Clinical Science Years and you won’t believe how simple they are.)
  • The learning science behind it centers around the Information Processing Funnel, based on a specialization of David Allen’s technique, which I coined. This truly will teach you how to maximize your clinical experience and turn that trash in your white coat pockets into points on your in-service and USMLE exams!
  • No more feeling lost or overwhelmed, or at least helpless about it. I will teach you how to create 3 distinct study resources that will keep you feeling confident and in control!


You can forget about 90% of what you learned in your Problem Based Learning classed in medical school about how to do Learning Issues – those approaches simply don’t pan out when you’re working 12-30 hours shifts in the hospital.

Study for the Clinical Science Years

Study for the Clinical Science Years

You need real-world, practical solutions that will enable you to metabolize board-testable material at the bedside while simultaneously building an evidence-based bibliography of your own – written in one-liners in your own words!

Learn how the majority of residents are thinking too small during the early part of residency with regard to choosing the study resources to use. Just like I’ve been teaching pre-meds and Basic Science Years medical students for years, I will convince you of the utility of using a Golden Summary book.

Now, unless you’re already Mastermind Community trained, I know I’m using terms you are not familiar with. In fact, a few of these resources are brand new to even long-time members. Don’t fret.

Study Techniques for the Clinical Science Years

Study Techniques for the Clinical Science Years

I’ll give away one of the ONLY TWO study goals for the Clinical Science years right now, in trust that you’ll take the next step in our relationship and sign up for the Medical Mastermind Community to learn exactly how this system works, what these terms mean, and you can learn a system to recall board-testable material after seeing 80% less patients!

Study goal #1 is to build a mini-encyclopedia’s worth of knowledge about your specialty over about 1.5-2 years. Remember my example in the beginning about people neglecting to use a system in the Latent phase of the exam cycle? Well, no wonder! 2 years is way too far for most people, especially residents with a not-so-small sense of entitlement, to work one day at a time toward their goal.

People are simply getting lost in the details – and many patient and attending experiences are being wasted. Your time doesn’t have to be wasted.

It’s not possible to go through a 2-hour Video course in an audio podcast so I can’t cover everything here. The main thing I’m leaving out here are the 3 custom-targeted study resources I will teach you how to make and the “Modified” Learning Issue skill I teach. God has used this stuff to save my career!

In fact, here are some things that have been said about these techniques, and I quote:

“now I take ownership over what I’m learning”

“I don’t waste any patient encounters now”

“My EBM skills are improving, even when I’m post-call and have limited time and feel exhausted”

“I don’t let a question go unanswered”

“I’ve keep my end goal of board certification in sight every day since I watched your video #3”

“My confidence has increased”

“I feel on top of everything now, whereas before I was always behind”

“I can’t believe how simple residency has become now”

“I remember my patients better now – over a year since I’ve seen them! Thanks!”


Who can benefit? Not everyone. You kind of have to meet special requirements.

1.      Ordinary students – not geniuses. I don’t want to give them any more advantages. Struggling students as well.

2.      People that can follow directions enough to watch videos and complete the checklists underneath. (not as easy as it sounds)

3.      Residents in remediation with their program, or in danger of it.

4.      Interns that find themselves in a malignant residency program and need an edge.

5.      Medical students that want to stand out on clinical rotations and 4th years that don’t want to maximize their Spring.


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