Episode 32: Learn about the three categories of medical graduates from all over the world applying for the match:  first are the US graduates,  second are US Nationals that go to International Medical Schools, and lastly Non-US immigrants coming from one of the 2,161 schools. The question is how you can successfully apply for the Match. Learn how in this video series.

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Residency and Match Course Overview:

1.      How to Match Successfully

2.      What are your chances of Matching?

3.      NRMP Match Day Schedule and Scramble Week

4.      Residency admission requirements

5.      How to rank choices for the NRMP Match

6.      USMLE competition and program credibility

7.      Required documentation – International Medical Graduate emphasis

8.      The Scramble – filling slots after the match

Standards of care vary among different countries. We’ll honor that in this podcast by focusing on the U.S. Physician Supply and Residency Match statistics.

And here are the Top-10 Countries that most non-US IMG’s came from (reference: 2006 AMA Workforce Study):

  1. India : 24%
  2. Philippines : 10.6%
  3. Mexico : 6.7%
  4. Pakistan: 5.7%
  5. Dominican Republic: 3.8%
  6. Russia: 2.9%
  7. Grenada: 2.8%
  8. Egypt: 2.6%
  9. South Korea: 2.5%

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