Episode 41: In this video podcast Doctor Dan unveils hidden residency program requirements that affect previous graduates and those that attended medical schools outside the United States. Also, there is a 4-step process for how to apply to U.S. Residencies if you don’t have U.S. citizenship or a green card.

Watch the full video podcast here…

We’re down to the 5th reason residency applicants don’t match every year:

  1. Not enough interviews
  2. Ranking unvetted programs
  3. Failure to certify the Rank Order List
  4. Competitiveness (USMLE scores, med school performance)
  5. Incomplete documentation

If you are a green card holder, then you have nothing to worry about.
If you require a visa, then you need to get either:
• a J1 sponsorship from ECFMG, or
•residency program to sponsor you with an H1 visa.

4 Step Process For IMG’s Entering U.S. Residencies:

1. Get Permission To Register for United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)

–Have your credentials transmitted to ECFMG so that you can get the ok to take the USMLE exams.
–When the credentials are verified by ECFMG, you can register for the exams at ECFMG.org using the IWA link:

2. Register for the USMLE Exams:

4. When done with the exams and now ECFMG certified, then you can apply for residency.

–Get the “token” from ECFMG.org
–Register through ERAS:
–Register with the NRMP:

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