Bonus Episode: Learn about Mastermind Groups from the Education Director for the Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center.

Napoleon Hill Foundation Podcast


Judy Williamson – World Learning Center

I’m very grateful that she donated some time and guidance to our Medical Mastermind Community. After all, I organized our community as a Mastermind organization after reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, which I highly recommend, and at the behest of my mentors.

Authentic Community

Because you are an inquisitive type, here are the research articles I refer to in the interview regarding Authentic Community.

  • Healer’s Art Community This paper references the next one and renders their community less effective than a Mastermind:
  • The Healer’s Art’s ill-informed definition of what makes up the most effective Community. (page 139, 2nd paragraph says “shared expertise”, opposite of Napoleon Hill’s philosophy.

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