Episode 87: Doctor Dan shouts the triumphant praises of one who is done with overnight call…forever.


Hi, It’s Doctor Dan. I just wanted to record this brief special episode about my last call shift ever. Call is of course variable depending on where you work whether it’s night float system or twenty-four hour call in our program. We do six months of night float and then a year and a half of calls kind of front loaded and three night ago I did my very last call of all now that the last year and a half of my residency in psychiatry. There’s no call nights or weekends. I mean I can still work in ER during the day but I just consider that a part of our regular job, just very excited. I think that as this [inaudible 00:46], you know I got my license; I got another milestone of having passed the six months; I’m done with call now; I’m getting back into pod-casting, my passion, I love this stuff.


I got a new iMac, kind of celebrated and I had to get the new iPhone 5c you know just to kind of get updated and upgraded and it’s definitely a passion in pursuit of my … So so many good things are all happening, that’s not half of them that I sometimes can forget the importance of one of those little milestones of my last call shift. I wanted to share a little experience with you as that stress kind of rolls off my back and goes away. It encourages you, it is definitely worth waiting for, hang in there because one day you’re last call shift will come and it will be worth it for you, I guarantee it. Honestly the harder it is, kind of the more you’ll enjoy it.

I’m in the kitchen, I get home from work, not a bad day at all, of course I chose psychiatry partly because of lifestyle balance also because I love it and we’re sitting there thinking about dinner and planning meals and when we’re going to cook what. I like to grill a lot, chicken, fish, and stuff. The first thing I do In my mind automatically is sit there and start playing the rolodex. Okay, what day of the week is it, when’s my next call, what day’s this week to I need to take … wait a minute, there’s no call, I mean it was just like that. It was really kind of weird, I just had to stop and go. You know I don’t think I realized how much the work schedule and the residency schedule affects you.

Especially trying to get in shape which I did, I was able to loose over thirty pounds as a resident and work out. You have to plan so much, you have to be proactive about your shopping. You know what it takes to always have healthy food with you, at least I hope you do. By the way, let me know if you want to … If you want me to kind of get into the area on a pod-cast at all about how to loose weight in residency. I’ve thought often about the whole fitness aspect. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a brief encouragement and to say hang in there. If you have a question for me I’d be happy to put together a pod-cast or some other kind of answer for you if you need some help and you can’t find it anywhere else.

I just added a tool on the website where there’s a bar along the right side it says “Record a question for the post-cast.” You literally can … If you want to hear your own voice on this pod-cast, you can click on that, put in your name and email I think and I haven’t used it yet. I encourage you to use it, if you like it let me know, it’s right there. It’ll make a recoding for me and send me an email notification then the next time I put together a pod-cast I can have your voice actually play. Obviously in these past post-casts I’ve been reading emails, that’s not as fun to listen to so if you’re not too shy and you’ve got a question you haven’t heard anywhere else, i’d be happy to try and answer it for you. I’m your host Doctor Dan, we’ll catch you on the next episode of the medical school podcast. Take care.

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