Episode 1: MCAT Prep like you’ve never heard before. Dr. Ferdinand and Dr. Dan discuss the MCAT from a physician’s point of view. With both doctors actively coaching premedical students, their synergy on this subject is nothing short of a Mastermind!


Dr. Ferdinand’s tells us about his not-so-secret performance on the MCAT and about his fatal error during planning his MCAT that caused him to not be able to even take the exam!

The Association of American Medical Colleges administers the MCAT, accredits allopathic medical schools in the U.S., and manages the medical school application service.

The trend over the past 2 decades has been to emphasize thinking, organizing information, and problem solving rather than rote memorization.

In this episode, we two physicians discuss exactly why that is, what you can do to prepare, and ultimately whom you can trust when it comes to such an important exam – yourself!

Future episodes will cover

  • Dr. Ferdinand’s 6 Steps to MCAT Preparation, which is remarkably similar to my 5-Step study method.
  • Dr. Ferdinant’s interview with the “Father of MCAT Books” (Dr. Flowers)
  • How a mastermind community can help premeds AND medical students

Dr. Ferdinand Interview #1

Listen in to learn more…

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