Episode 2: Learn how to approach the MCAT from a totally different perspective. Interview with neurolinguistic programming expert Karen van Hook and test anxiety expert, and founder of Test Prep New York, Bara sapir.

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No two people read the same MCAT passage exactly the same. Listen in as these to Verbal Reasoning experts tell us how the field of Neurolinguisic Programming applies to the MCAT.

Bara Sapir founded Test Prep New York after teaching for Princeton Review. She used her creativity to take her students to the next level. In episode 4 we will interview her specifically about test anxiety, but this podcast focuses on the mindset required to tackle the MCAT Verbal Reasoning section of the MCAT.

Learn how they can help you harness your internal dialogue to interpret passages, stay calm, and score higher – all at the same time. To learn more, visit www.testprepny.com.

Listen and enjoy…

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