Episode 26: Dr. Dan interviews Dr. Ken Lin from MedFools.com. This is a great Mastermind community Spirit because he helped students coming up behind him all the way from medical school and even now as a practicing physician.

Listen to the 30 minute podcast here…


Dr. Ken Lin has been devoting countless hours to helping students through www.MedFools.com

From scut sheets and personal essays to career advice and medical school book recommendations, Dr. Lin has it all.

I used his scut sheets extensively during medical school and found them invaluable. It was a regular part of my routine to print out some copies every morning before rounds.

In the full-length interview, we discuss the best way to use sample personal essays. Learn shocking news that some medical students actually copy/paste lines from sample personal essays and put them into their real residency applications. Sounds like a MedFool to me, but in the wrong sense of the word!

Dr. Lin reviews personal essays, as do I. It’s a great idea to  have a physician review your personal essay, especially if you’re a premed!

In the podcast, I hint about a new course I’m working on called Anatomy of a Malignant Residency Program. Sign up for the free Speed Reading Course for Medical School and I’ll notify you when it’s ready.

And we’re doing product reviews – so WE’RE saying what will help us best on our NIH grant. Now your CD of the Month Club membership includes access to full USMLE and MCAT study resources.

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