Episode 100: This special edition podcast highlights the conversion of MMC Mobile, with on-demand medical mentorship from any mobile device. www.MMC.works


MMC Mobile – mentorship in High Definition

Welcome to the Medical Mastermind Community, episode 100. This special edition is all about the mobile version and how you can go to the new mmc.works. That’s w-o-r-k-s. That’s right, not a dot com but mmc.works, so that you can type that URL straight into your phone, any mobile device, or tablet and access all the podcasts and all the online video training.


Plus, that domain, mmc.works, is a lot shorter and easier to type onto your phone and using your phone rather than medicalmastermindcommunity.com. That was way too long. I even hated typing that on my phone when I would do it. Mmc.works, and by the way, it does work. You can go to the about us page and read the peer-reviewed scientific literature that supports the conclusions that we make about increasing matriculation into medical school, as well as the good stuff on depression and burnout for medical students and residents.

Mentorship for Medical Students, Resident and even Pre-Meds

There are brand new content areas that were never released before until we had this mmc.works website. That is that we have an entire burnout and mental health prevention section for medical students and residents. You can go through that section and hear the latest peer-reviewed science, systematic reviews, and training on which burnout interventions actually work for students and which ones don’t. There’s plenty more to be desired there. I’d really love to hear your feedback on how much of the burnout and fatigue training you get at your school or residency is actually evidence-based, because I just published a paper in the summer of 2014 in Academic Psychiatry on all of the interventions that actually do work.

Simple Mobile Navigation

There are other areas in the website too that are neatly organized under one simple little pull-down menu. No longer is the medicalmastermindcommunity.com website so big and cumbersome with three columns of content. It’s really simple now. It’s basically a one-column page with a single menu at the top so you can listen now to all the audio podcasts streaming if you want. You can take the tour and watch a sample video of exactly what’s on the pages if you decide to sign up for Mastermind membership, and a simple buy button there. There’s a little login thing if you already have a password.

Short URL

We’re trying to keep the URL abbreviated and have all of the videos now converted over into vimeo.com. That’s one of these website video hosting services, kind of like YouTube, but it’s for professional grade. All the videos are high definition, because you deserve mentorship in HD. Right? That’s exactly right. The website name is mmc.works. Type that into your phone right now: mmc.works, because it does.


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