Episode 58: Doctor Dan interviews Oleg Reznik, M.D., author of The Secrets of Medical Decision Making. He is an expert in Mind-Body medicine and is currently faculty at The American Institute for Mental Imagery.


Medical Decision Making

When we seek medical advice we’re hoping that a physician will always offer us what is in our absolute best interest. Indeed many physicians attempt to do that and some actually do. It is my perception however that great many physicians are bound by what I would call the Four Corners of the Medical Box.

Physician Pressures:

  1. Fear of litigation
  2. Financial and time pressures
  3. Guidelines of Health Care Authorities
  4. The current Medical Model

What propels a physician to leave this box by going beyond the boundaries of personal security?

The Medical Decision-Making Solution:

  1. Genuine compassion
  2. Desire to do what is in patient’s absolute best interest
  3. Courage to take the necessary risks.

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