Episode 43: Learn about the 5 residency options for osteopathic students, osteopathic board certification, malignant residency programs, and the full NRMP Match and Scramble Course.

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There are two certifying agencies for Osteopathic and Allopathic residency programs:

AOA: American Osteopathic Assn. (osteopathic D.O.)
ACGME: Accreditation Council for GME (allopathic M.D.)

Here are the 5 different pathways Osteopathic medical students have to choose from:

1.AOA Residency (internship incl.)
2.AOA Prelim. (mostly at same institution)
3.AOA Traditional Internship (stand-alone)
4.ACGME (internship)
5.ACGME (residency)

AOA approval for an allopathic internship?

Yes, it is possible to get AOA approval for doing ACGME (allopathic) internship. This is useful for students who still want osteopathic board certification.
In 2006, there were only 90 dual ABMS-AOA programs out of over 8,000 allopathic residencies.
Download the full JOAO report and full AAMC report here.

From July 2007 to December 2007:
–1,603 D.O. petitions
–1,217 (76%) approved
–369 (23%) pending completion
–99% total
–<1% denied or withdrew app.

In 2007, there were 3,103 D.O. graduates. This was the first time that number surpassed 3,000.
Add in about 70 previous grads and you have the full residency application pool. Therefore, 3,173 for 2007, the most recent full data set released by the AOA.

If you assume that all of them applied to either an AOA or ACGME program, then use ACGME data to complete the picture. AOA doesn’t release all the necessary data, so I’ve made some calculations of my own:


76% match rate of D.O. grads and previous grads match at either AOA or ACGME.

•3,173 applicants to AOA + ACGME
•1,136 matched allopathic with ACGME – 68.8% (69.9%, 2009)
•1,267* matched osteopathic with AOA – 62.2%


•Overall allopathic applicants – 71.4%
•US Allopaths Grads/Students – 93.1%
•US Osteopaths Grads/Students – 69.9%
•US Nationals at International Medical Schools – 47.8%
•International Medical Graduates 41.6%
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