Episode 18: Dr. Dan explains how you can avoid being among the majority of physicians dissatisfied in their work. By looking at the literature and physician surveys you can avoid mistakes that thousands of doctors are making in their career decisions and goals.

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This podcast is all about Reemerging Priorities, which is Phase 5 Evolution for the Physician In Training.

We all have “ah ha” moments and even feel relaxed and appreciated occasionally along the medical school education pipeline. Well, Phase 5 is the culmination of everything you’ve worked for for the last 10 years or so.

And what a relief…

No longer do you have to study exactly what someone else tells you to, at least not traditionally. You can learn Evidence-Based Medicine or any other favorite topic at your own pace now.

It’s in Phase 5 that you can become an independent lifelong learner and be proactive about the educational and research directions that you choose.

My, how liberating!

If you’ve made it that far, please let us know how it feels! We’d love to hear from practicing physicians to tell us that this long path is worth it in the end!

Dr. Dan

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