Episode 59: Doctor Dan interviews Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, a Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr. Fardad is a Board-Certified surgeon and one of only three physicians authorized to run his own Surgical Fellowship in Southern California. He has trained surgeons from all over the world. Dr. Fardad is also the inventor of the Umbilical Locator which was designed to help plastic and cosmetic surgeons locate the umbilicus when performing abdominoplasties.


Plastic Surgery Fellowships

Traditional Plastic Surgery

This is the most well-known. It covers a lot of burns and reconstructions, even trauma.

Cosmetic Surgery

As the name implies, this separate fellowship opportunity allows surgeons to focus on mostly elective, aesthetic surgeries and procedures. Most patients pay cash, are often quite needy, and aren’t affected by the Health Care Reform.

Words to the Wise:

  • Choose a specialty that you feel comfortable with, even if you had previously wanted to do something else.
  • Don’t do procedures unless you’re fully trained to do them and deal with the complications.
  • Not all surgeons’ personalities fit well with the often wealthy clients that have elective cosmetic surgeries.

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