Episode 47:  This week I interviewed Carvell Nguyen, MD, PhD from Princeton Review. He is a Master Trainer for the USMLE.

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For 15 years, Dr. Nguyen has been teaching for Princeton Review – ever since he took his MCAT!

Now, he travels the globe training Princeton Review’s trainers and teaching thousands of international medical students in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Caribbean, and Puerto Rico.

There are several options that Princeton Review offers for the USMLE:

US Nationals:

  • USMLE Step 1 Classroom Course: 7 hours of classroom instruction of Step 1 highlights to master, which includes their online review and Q-bank
  • USMLE Online Review, which includes the Q-bank
  • USMLE Q-bank

“The biggest difference is the intensity of the classroom instruction.”

International Medical Students:

  • 150-hours of classroom instruction over 6-8 weeks!
  • Same Online review and Q-bank options are available

Dr. Nguyen’s top 3 recommendations for the second year medical schools:

  1. Have a good study strategy, including using multiple senses to learn.
  2. Have a good study schedule.
  3. Emphasize quality of  conceptual understanding the material more than the average student, not only the quantity.

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