Episode 31: Princeton Review author Chris Manuel explains how to approach tests DURING the exam. He has written content for Princeton Review MCAT and developed 2 in-house Prep Courses, called Ultimate MCAT and Holiday Hell.

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Chris Manuel has taught 1,800 students and now trains MCAT teachers at the Princeton Review. He has had an influence on the MCAT Prep industry as a whole because he has now taught current MCAT teachers that are using his tips and advice to help would-be doctors around the country.

What’s different about Princeton Review?

Princeton Review emphasizes quality teaching by investing in their teachers, more than they do in advertising.

Often, students choose Test Prep companies based on word-of-mouth. Both Chris and I chose Kaplan because that was either all that was available where we lived, or all our friends ever talked about.

Doctor Dan decided to let Princeton Review tell us themselves about what they do that is different. Listen to the entire audio podcast to get the answer.

Here are 2 programs that the Princeton Review offers:

  • Ultimate MCAT – This is a 36-day “boot camp”, where students live in a dorm.
  • Holiday Hell – This course starts the day after final exams in December and goes straight through the holidays until the day before classes start in January. This intensive course covers all the same material as the long version, only it is condensed and, therefore, not for everyone! Morning and afternoon lectures leave several hours during the day for the student to study on their own, with teachers available to ask questions during that time. Listen to the podcast to learn more…

The top 2 tips that Chris has for students preparing for the MCAT are a balance between techniques and discipline. I offer a Comprehensive Study Techniques course to help you with techniques. If you’re having trouble with sticking to your study plan, then a prep course may help you with accountability and technique assistance.

Unlike Chris, Doctor Dan did NOT do better on the MCAT because of a Prep Course – and we both took the Kaplan MCAT Course! That is why the Study Techniques course was created!

What is the number 1 study technique? Proper use of practice tests.

Here are four categories of errors students make on tests:

  • silly mistakes: physical sciences 2-3, verbal reasoning 1, biological sciences 4-5
  • content gap: 2-3 points
  • can’t understand it even when you see the answer: need access to a tutor
  • guessing, or not reviewing correct or guessed: this is a study technique error

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