Episode 38: This video podcast discusses hidden residency program requirements which cause many thousands of wasted fees to be spent by International Medical Graduates every year. These can even apply to U.S. Nationals that go to Caribbean medical schools or those that have non-traditional residency pathways.

Watch the full video podcast here…

So far in this NRMP Match and Scramble video podcast series, we’ve started discussing the Top 5 Reasons Not To Match to a residency:

  1. Not enough interviews
  2. Ranking unvetted programs
  3. Failure to certify the Rank Order List
  4. Competitiveness (USMLE scores, med school performance)
  5. Incomplete documentation
Every year applicants don’t take the time to investigate hidden program requirements. This is especially harmful for International Medical Graduates.

•ERAS profits from each school chosen
•Many schools have different requirements
•They don’t tell you what they are

You can learn limited information about the programs’ requirements ahead of time from the AMA’s Frieda Online site:
There are lots of requirements that aren’t listed publicly. Here is a sample of the rest of the requirements, provided as a courtesy by www.ElectronicResidency.com. Members of the Medical Mastermind Community get a 20% discount to this site AND www.MatchAResident.com.

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