Episode 42: Learn how to get insider access to the FULL version of this Match and Scramble Course. Doctor Dan unveils intimate parts of his medical education journey and gives Mastermind members exclusive access to behind-the-scenes video tutorials on the Scramble and Electronic Residency Application Service.

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Every year there are over a hundred vacant residency positions after the match.
Watch the Anatomy of a Malignant Residency Program course to figure out why some of these programs don’t fill.

At exactly that time, the Scramble begins – the stressful cramming full of all these programs nationally, simultaneously.
Practically speaking, the programs themselves get flooded with inquiries:

•University email servers CRASH
•Fax machines are busy and run out of ink, with people faxing 15-20 pages each of required documents.
•The phone systems JAM.
•The unprepared applicant suffers!

Here’s a great solution to this problem that you can employ BEFORE the match. Medical Mastermind membership gives you a 20% discount to www.ElectronicResidency.com:
•Pre-Load all relevant documents into their software
•Send cover page with relevant facts, not 20 pages to jam the system
•Last year, submitted 500 applicant summaries by 12:05 PM with 97+% deliverability!

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