Episode 22: Experience the instant refreshment of sharing your everyday experience with peers – of all levels of training! You can have a scientific literature presentation on any topic you choose. Doctor Dan explains the concept of these groups and how he’s merged another genre into what he now calls the Medical Mastermind Group.

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It’s hard to believe that I’ll soon be reaching the 2-year mark in podcasting, beginning with the Pre-Med Podcast.

Thank you for all your support! The CD of the Month Club student body and listner emails have kept me going. I couldn’t have done it without you.

I did start out by surveying the listeners to guide podcast topics, but have now found a much better way to deliver exactly what you want – no matter who you are.

Groups of medical and premedical students from all over the world are meeting at regular intervals to get their questions answered from journal articles, air their grievances, and find mutual support from classmates, doctors and student doctors.

The Mastermind Group Schedule changes frequently, but the Meeting Format remains the same. We use teleconferencing software to meet in a virtual classroom on the internet, where you can view the Power Point presentations on my office computer.

Students participate in the discussion as experts in their own right, drawing from their own life experiences. You can even choose all the topics! I only ask that you submit Mastermind Group topics at least 1 week in advance to give time for adequate preparation.

I hope to talk to you in our next meeting!

God bless,

Doctor Dan

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