Episode 79: Experience second-hand what it’s like to go through the first month of medical school. This podcast hits the highlights of a live teleconference of our Mastermind Community. Listen in…


In September, 2011, two Mastermind members that are First Year Medical Students that took time on a Saturday morning to share their early experiences of medical school – while it’s still fresh.

Watch the entire video here:  Medical School Burnout Prevention

Top 10 Tips To Survive The First Month Of Medical School:

  1. Don’t think you’re unique if it only takes a few hours on your very first day to feel overwhelmed.
  2. Pre-matriculation programs help with establishing relationships before school starts and familiarity/orientation to the facilities.
  3. “The Slump” is alive and well and Medical Mastermind Community membership may not be preventative – only therapeutic when you get on a live teleconference.
  4. Review the Mastermind Study Techniques (tab #2) the week prior to medical school starting.
  5. Set your overall goal for medical school academic achievement and arrange your social schedule (what’s left of it) accordingly.
  6. Self-Testing is an indispensable study technique. (see the Mastermind Study Techniques program for further details).
  7. I highly recommend the Board Review Series of books for all of the classes for the entire first 2 years’ of classes in medical school.
  8. Active learning will help you digest difficult content.
  9. Take notes in a USMLE review book (i.e., First Aid for the USMLE Step 1) as you go through your first 2 years. Don’t read the book itself unless it’s the week before final exams.
  10. If you can get your hands on old medical school exams, use them to complete your learning objectives (see what all is testable) and to practice figuring out why each incorrect answers choice is incorrect.



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