Episode 33: Doctor Dan interviews Tanvir Kabir from the MCAT Elite course and Verbal Virtuoso, both successful programs guaranteed to raise your MCAT score.  Hear his insider techniques that he uses to teach these successful programs. Plus be entertained by his gauntlet challenge to other MCAT teachers!

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Tanvir Kabir put off his medical education for a couple years because of his father’s health problems. In that time he perfected a system he used to ace the MCAT and now shares it with the world.

Now, he offers two programs:

  • MCAT Elite COURSE, not to be confused Princeton Review’s Elite MCAT Review Book. This program is an intensive, private tutoring program that ensures that every student masters some 500 fundamental definitions. This is like SAT Vocabulary on steroids!
  • Verbal Virtuoso is a great way to improve on your ability to identify arguments made by the authors of Verbal Reasoning passages. It’s a mindset, really, and if you’ll put in the time to practice thinking like this, it will help you answer some of the hardest questions about the author’s intent with ease.

While some students have seen improvements in their scores go from 5 to 14 on a given section, the average student reliably scores 11’s and 12’s on each section. The disclaimer is that people spend 3-5 months in heavy preparation.

As we discuss in the audio podcast, these techniques CAN be learned. Let no one tell you that you “don’t have what it takes” to be in medicine.

You simply need to surround yourself with people that have what you want. Join the Medical Mastermind Community and get the mentorship that will set you apart from the competition.

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