Episode 98: Learn about the coming MOBILE version of the MMC, plus Dr. Dan outlines the 7 Stages of a Medical Career in Development.


Seven Career Stages and MMC Mobile updates TRANSCRIPT

This episode is about the Seven Career Stages being in the palm of your hand. That’s right whether you’re listening to this on your phone, a tablet or a computer, more and more technology in web traffic is going mobile. It is expected that mobile devices will overtake desktop and laptop computers in the next year in terms of traffic and usage.

The Medical Mastermind Community has been putting at this podcast for over five years and has always positioned itself as a podcast. I’m not trying to ever replace USMLE or MCAT type of audio materials or full courses that would compete with your own medical school, that’s ridiculous. There are big courses out there that you can take such as Kaplan or Princeton Review to help supplement your material if you want a sit down course to review stuff. Most people don’t have time with that.

We’ve been focusing on podcast that can help you squeeze in some extra study time while you’re washing the dishes, or jogging, or taking a dog for a walk, et cetera. I particularly listen to podcast when I’m traveling. We are going mobile folks. Right now, I’m in the process of converting everything mobile. When the website first launched five years ago, believe it or not it was state-of-the-art at that time, but the state-of-the-art changes so fast. We got lucky that all of the MP3 audio podcast were already using a tool that happens to still be valid as a mobile, playable device, so from Android, Apple, iPhones, tablets, PCs and Mac, et cetera, you can click on the audio podcast play button and it will work on all those devices.

We’re expecting this year 2014, to reach a total of one million podcast downloads. We’ve had about 30 or 40,000 people listened to the podcast which is about 20% of the market by my math out there in at least premedical realm and in the medical school. We’ve had about five or 10% of those joined the Medical Mastermind Community at one point or another.

The majority of those memberships had been free memberships that we’ve donated in the exchange for people filling out surveys over the years that have been used to conduct pure review research and are in the process of being submitted and edited for journals. These research projects have to do with getting accepted in a medical school and residency, the percentages, MCAT scores and et cetera.

Today’s podcast ties right in with the way this new mobile friendly Medical Mastermind Community website is being reorganized. I like to study everything. My research experience has changed the way I think in a lot of ways, changed who I am as a person when the scientific method really overtake you and changes who you are and how you think. That’s happened to me. We have surveyed people on what they wanted on the website, how they want the podcast; if it was mobile friendly, would they use it more often, et cetera, et cetera.

What you may not know is that there are over 100 videos on the Medical Mastermind Community website that train you about every aspect of the medical education process, 12-year journey, on one website. Those are all inside the paid community, so you have to have pay … a membership to access those, but unfortunately, those videos that I was uploading using state-of-the-art best practices in the last three to five years are no longer mobile friendly. I’ve got them hosted on Amazon web server which is state-of-the-art and playability in the speed at which it plays when you click on the play button. That’s what you care about, the loading time and the buffering time.

Amazon website was supposedly the best. The problem is they did not support mobile friendly versions and there are so many different tablets and devices out there coming out that no one knew you in three years ago they’d be so popular and now they’re overtaking all web traffic. I say that, to say that I’ve got to basically download all those videos off Amazon web server and upload them onto a different tool to convert them to format that you can use and have all those videos in the palm of your hand, you no longer need to use iTunes.

If you have an Android phone, you don’t have to worry the Google Play gave up hosting podcast, so Android are not natively hosted for podcast. No longer do you really need iTunes once this site is mobile friendly. I’m in that process of conversion now and I think that’s going to expand the listener shift and based on what’s going on out there in website usage and based on feedback from Mastermind Community members and those on the email newsletter list, you guys are going to use the website itself more often to watch those videos remotely. Literally, you can play a video while you’re driving down the road and just listen to it. That almost doubles the amount of podcast that you’d be interested in the video podcast, they’re going to now be mobile.

The last piece that you need to hear before I get into today’s topic is that there were so many different ways I tried to organize all of the Medical Mastermind Community material onto a website. We had navigation bars across the top with two pull down menus that had a lot of the content, as well as a static vertical column of menu options along the left side. I thought it was good. It definitely helped and it cut down the questions.

When I first started before that version, I got questions all the time. Where is this? Where is that? I did the best I could. We learned and that was definitely collaborative Mastermind effort along the way. Recently, we have a soldier who responded in some feedback and gave a lot of great feedback on the navigation like a thorough analysis of it and really helped me see through your eyes what it’s like when you go to medicalmastermindcommunity.com and try to find something specific that you’re looking for.

I was surprised that it’s still a lot harder to navigate than I thought it was. I thought I was doing okay, but it turns out it’s just overwhelming. I’m to the point of my life now where I’ve got my license, I can moonlight, which means work extra hours outside of my residency training program that only has a year left by the way before I’m completely done with this journey and mine has been extra long as you know.

This website is a hobby site for me guys. Did you think I make money at this site, you’re wrong. I’ve never paid myself a paycheck and I spent 20 or $30,000 developing it over the year. The money just always goes back into it. Then a couple years ago, when I finally got in the block, I started giving all that extra money to charity that’s what I’ve been doing with it. You know it’s not been a formal nonprofit organization. It has functionally been a nonprofit.

To have a nonprofit really just means you have to put your money all back into the business itself. It doesn’t mean that people don’t make a lot of money. A lot of hospitals are nonprofit but they’re doing buildings all the time, paying themselves very well. I have not been doing that, but I did not have time in medical school in residency to run a nonprofit because there are ton of legal requirements stipulations, you’ll be audited and it’s just a big thing. I formed an LLC, a limited liability corporation, for protection financially as a layer and I’ve essentially just been giving it away.

If I had not created the value of requiring people to pay for the paid videos, no one would have any leverage or incentive to ever fill out the surveys and we would not have the very good data sets that we have now on involved medical education process from undergrad into medical school and I would not have had informed understanding an organization of the current research projects that I have now, such as burn-out, and depression, and suicide in medical students.

I thank you truly. I had no idea when we started that it would turn into something pretty legitimate and actually helpful. I know there are a quite a few medical students out there that would not have got into medical school if there wasn’t for the help of the Medical Mastermind Community. Notice I didn’t say because of me because it’s definitely a collaborative effort.

I interviewed authors, people from Princeton Review to give us a test taking video that we worked out together. One of the core original Mastermind members came up with the Master the MCAT video series to train people. We did that together. I would not have been able to do that. I would not have the confidence and organizational skills to do that piece. Honestly, my confidence in organizational skills have effectively orchestrated a bunch of experts to deliver the content that’s on the website now.

All that content that’s on the website now is being organized into seven web pages, seven web pages. I’m not going to have all that navigation all over the place in different spots. I’m going to have seven pages for all the paid content inside. I think it’s worth a good public podcast here to go through the Seven Career Stages that you’re now going to have in the palm of your hand as soon as we’re done converting it to mobile friendly, which is probably by the time you hear this podcast.

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