• 3rd Annual Medical School LIFE Conference will be May 29-30, 2010. The first one was a weekend series for the American Medical Student Association chapter at the University of Houston. Out of those conferences, the Pre-Med DVD Course was build as a sort of basic training. The following year charter members of the Medical Mastermind Community met for a weekend conference in which we led a Service Learning Project. The result was a grant proposal submitted to the National Institutes of Health to enrich students’ medical education journey and encourage service to the medically underserved.
  • All 200 of the peer-reviewed, scientific journal articles were posted inside the web site for members only. They outline every facet of the medical education journey and correspond to the 5 Phases in the Evolution of a Physician in Training, which is my Physician Wellness Initiative. The idea is to increase awareness, receive validation, and try suggestions from others to find relief. So, just read the articles as you face the different ups and downs along the way.
  • All of the medical school exams were also uploaded to the website. Previously they were only available as part of the CD of the Month Club, but we found it was inconvenient not knowing which tests covered specific material. The web outline breaks down each block exam by the topics covered on each set of tests. You can check out the navigation without logging in.
  • Facebook 30-day challenge. If you’ll make a video about the Medical School Podcast or Speed Reading for Medical School course, I’ll give you a free, 30-day account tot he Medical Mastermind Community online – a $27.99 value. This includes our biweekly conference calls, from which video archives are now all updated.

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