Episode 56: Doctor Dan interviewed Sam Hester from the Work-Life Program at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston.


Work Life Balance in Medical School


WorkLife Balance

Free, confidential articles (3,000) and resources to assist employees with balance in their work and personal lives.

Relocation Counseling

Cross-country or across the street moves are made easier with a wealth of free information. Assistance for every phase of your move is just one call or click-of-the-mouse away.

Child Care

Research shows that if you have a break in your child-care provider, it takes about 17 hours to find a replacement, with much of that necessitated during the business day. The WorkLife Program can provide you with a number of licensed child care providers nationwide to mach your particular child’s needs.

Elder Care

In the next 5 years, about 50% of the working population will be involved with the care of an elderly person in their life in some way. The WorkLife Program provides free comprehensive and ongoing Elder Care Needs Assessment, Planning, and Resource Services information for any location in the United States.


In an effort to keep your employees on the job and as productive as possible, along with the skyrocketing costs of health care, the WorkLife Program can tailor a specific wellness program to meet your company’s needs. We can provide on-site seminars in stress management, and smoking cessation, as well as establish an on-site fitness/coaching program.

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