Episode 21: What USMLE book should you buy? How about all of them! In this interview with Kiran Bellubbi, I unveil a new collaboration project for the USMLE and COMLEX. You can now get online access to multiple publishers’ titles for less than the cost of one book!!

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The United States Medical Licensing Examination, or the USMLE for short, is a four-part licensing examination series that is required in order to receive a state license to practice medicine in the United States. Allopathic (M.D.) students take the USMLE, while Osteopathic (D.O.) students take the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX).

These exams play a crucial role in the student’s advancement through the different stages of medical education. Ideally, these tests ensure that the would-be physicians demonstrate that they understand and can apply the knowledge necessary to practice medicine safely and intelligently.

However, we all know that standardized exams have some inherent weaknesses and each question is practically required legally to give you some telltale sign indicating the correct answer. It’s up to you to know what that is!

So, every year medical students from around the country buy books and online question banks and plow through a grueling and tiring mountain of content to ensure that they get the residency they want and ultimately their medical license.

But what if you could get access to 20 books’ content online – all in one place? And for less than the price of one book?

Well, you’d be crazy not to listen to this podcast…

In this podcast, I interview the co-founder of a revolutionary web site that hosts multiple USMLE/COMLEX publishers’ content – offering 20+ books in one place. Check it out here at www.Medi-Tribe.com.

Kiran Bellubbi and I discuss how supplementing your test preparation harnessing the power of social media can really propel you to the next standard deviation on your exam.

They have years of experience in the United Kingdom and have recently obtained permission from U.S. publishers, such as Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins. All you have to do is an Amazon search for the USMLE/COMLEX books they publish and compare that to online access at a fraction of the cost.

That’s right, you get all their best books for one low price. These guys definitely meet our standard for interviews here by doing new and different strategies that can help medical and premedical students.

What’s more, thousands of community votes have purified their collection of nearly 3,000 questions with full explanations for all answer choices. What’s left are only the highest yield, best explained, and relevant questions that you will need to succeed on the COMLEX or USMLE.

Kiran is one of the founders of www.MediTribe.com, a unique website that has a content on USMLE/COMLEX prep and says that they have about 2800 questions available for users the answer and to interact with. 1,400 are free!

In addition, they offer index card-style case reviews with identical content in books plus many that are exclusively released by the publishers for the internet. Combine that quality with the opinions from the community and you have a unique product that rivals USMLE World and Kaplan.

This kind of subscribing is available of a discounted price of $35 a month plus other forms of discounts are available. With this kind of payment, no wonder this website is helpful – it’s a cheap yet effective way to meet your goals on the USMLE or COMLEX.

What can a Couple of dollars can hurt much if we pass? Not much except our pocket book. All of these book titles are priced at less than the cost of one book. They’re also coming out with a 3-month discount option.

So, before you buy your next USMLE or COMLEX book, check out the 1,400 free questions at www.meditribe.com.  You may decide to access 20+ books at once online!

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