Episode 35: Learn the your chance of matching based on your background: allopathic, osteopathic, Caribbean, International Medical Graduates. No opinions here – only data released by the NRMP, AOA, and ACGME about the match rates of residency applicants.

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Here’s an overview the match rates for medical school graduates from all backgrounds:

  • Overall 71.4%
  • US Allopaths 93.1%
  • US Osteopaths 76% overall (69.9% in allopathic residencies; 62.2% in osteopathic)
  • US IMG’s 47.8%
  • Non-US IMG’s  41.6%
Here are the data from the National Residency Matching Program. Download the full report here: http://www.nrmp.org/data/resultsanddata2009.pdf

Overall Applicant Pool:

Allopathic Residency Applicants:

Osteopathic Residency Applicants to ALLOPATHIC Programs (Osteopathic programs covered in subsequent podcast):

US Nationals From Foreign Medical Schools (Caribbean)  Stats for NRMP Residencies:

International Medical Graduates’ Application Stats to NRMP Residency Programs:

So, who’s at risk to not match based on this data?

1.Non-US IMG’s
2.US IMG’s
3.US grads in bottom 7%
  • No or few interviews
  • Small rank list
4.Anyone that doesn’t understand NRMP
5.Those with a gut feeling

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