Episode 34: Did you know that 23% of physicians in the United States graduated from foreign medical schools? Furthermore, over half of the increase in residency applicants contributing to increased competition in the last 18 years are coming from outside the U.S. Learn all about the Match Applicant Pool in this video podcast.

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There are 3 main categories of applicants for which match data has been released and analyzed.

  • US Grads (allopathic and osteopathic)
  • US Grads that go to International Medical Schools (IMG’s)
  • International Medical Graduates from countries outside the US

As of 2006…

•Non-US IMG’s came from 127 Countries !
•Non-US IMG’s constituted 185,234 physicians out of a total of 794,893 in USA (23.3%)
•44% PCP’s are Non-US IMG’s

Here are the top 10 countries that International Medical Graduates come from (reference 2006 AMA Workforce Study):

1.India : 24%
2.Philippines : 10.6%
3.Mexico : 6.7%
4.Pakistan: 5.7%
5.Dominican Republic: 3.8%
6.Russia: 2.9%
7.Grenada: 2.8%
8.Egypt: 2.6%
9.South Korea: 2.5%

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