The live, interactive Webinars are one of the staples of the Medical Mastermind Community.

All members have experienced the Webinars, either live with Doctor Dan or by watching a video tutorial created from the Live Webinar recordings.

“The MMC is loaded with recorded Webinars.”

On a given Webinar, we have people at all levels of medical education, representing the Pre-MCAT Years, Post-MCAT Years, Basic Science Years, and Clinical Science Years. This fact allows us to:

  • Get insight into how to perform at the next level in your career journey
  • Gain confidence by learning from people who actually know what they are talking about
  • Have fun skirting some of the biggest obstacles that thousands of students struggle with
  • Help people right now by offering the experience you already have

The Napoleon Hill Foundation supports our style of MasterMinding!

Listen to this interview with the Education Director at the Napoleon Hill Foundation:


MasterMind Meeting format:

  1. Generally, topics are submitted at least one week in advance and a didactic portion of 20 minutes begins a journal-based discussion of the topic to encourage evidence-based medical education.
  2. Then questions are fielded.
  3. Finally, we each go around the virtual “room” and have up to 5 minutes to share – WITHOUT INTERRUPTION – our experiences and failures regarding the topic.
  4. A video recording of the introductory didactic section only will be posted inside the Archives Section for use by other community members only, not the general public. A brief portion of the presentation may be made public on the podcast and several other video web sites. If you do not want your voice heard on the recording, then wait until the didactic portion is over before asking questions. Otherwise, anonymity is enforced.

We use a hybrid model from 3 different genres:

  1. “The WHO?”  The Healer’s Art Course – a round table of physicians of all levels of experience and training, sharing their experiences and encouraging each other. I took this course in 2003 and learned a lot from it, so I can’t help but borrow some of their style.
  2. “The WHAT?”  The Mastermind Group – a structured meeting where each individual brings a success and a challenge to the group and each has an opportunity to share their experience, strength, and hope with each other
  3. “The HOW?” Internet Business Mastery model – a combination of electronically delivered resources (PDF’s, video tutorials, and online lessons), combined with DVD Home Study Courses with manuals shipped from fulfillment publishers

The combination of of these influences synergistically allows us to:

  • Find relief in sharing and listening to experiences of life and in medical education.
  • Harness the individual’s unique expertise and use it for the good of the group.
  • Not limit the number of participants based on geographic isolation, access to exclusive resources, or other discriminator. Thus, we have an ideal model to level the playing field academically and professionally.

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