How much would you pay to have someone type all of your notes for the first 2 years in medical school?

“That’s ridiculous, but we like the concept…”

Many schools pay extra to have students attend class and take notes. The cost is high, the notes are frequently incorrect, and you usually have no sense of what is actually important out of those hundreds of pages per test.

Doctor Dan collected, compiled, and edited the best medical student-scribed notes publicly available and put them together in a 1,275 book.

The PDF version of this book is completely searchable so you can study a particular concept from an interdisciplinary approach.

“Get results from all of the Basic Science courses simultaneously!”

Listen to what one of our charter members had to say about it:

“The Scribe Notes PDF that I downloaded has got to be the greatest document I’ve ever seen regarding Med School.  I’m going to print out a couple pages and bring them to my buddies once school starts up again and pass along your website.  Thanks again! “ Jared B.  Oceanside, California.

Why do I care?

Students in all legs of their Medical Education Journey share this same book because the first two years of medical school contain the most thorough view of the Basic Sciences:

  • Pre-MCAT Years’ Students like to look ahead to provide some clinical context to the often boring and seemingly tough courses they take as pre-meds.
  • Post-MCAT Years’ Students like to practice reading some medical school-level material before medical school actually starts.
  • Basic Science Years’ Students, those in the first 2 years of medical school, like this book for two reasons. First, they preview it very briefly at the beginning of a test block to orient themselves to the important chapters that relate to the material on their next block of exams. Second, they read it the night or two before their exam to cram in another student’s perspective and practically always add last-minute points to their exam scores.
  • Clinical Science Years’ Students also use this book for two reasons. First, it’s a great resource for putting together presentations in medical school and residency, as it’s a concise review of the basic science material that begins to leach out one’s mind rather quickly. Second, it serves as some monument to the material that they once knew because almost everyone throws away all of their notes from medical school

“If this is all you keep from the medical school, you’ll be in good shape.”

Since the thrust of all the pressure from the first 2 years of medical school serves to prepare you for the USMLE or COMLEX exam, the cover page now reads that it’s a USMLE review book.

But if that’s not what it is, then what is it?

It is the culmination of countless sleepless nights, grinding teeth, midnight prayers, and pre-test gitters. It is exactly what you don’t want to experience and learn for yourself what we already know – the hard way.

This book is available for immediate download for all membership types.

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