The Success Story Format (SSF)  is an objective checklist that you can use to explain deficiencies in your application, such as a low USMLE or MCAT score. It allows you to get an objective look at your situation that emphasizes your achievements and character traits that will put you in the best possible light.

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Practicing the SSF in Mock Interviews

Our favorite way of teaching this Format is to ask students to tell us about the most difficult thing to explain in their past, or in their application. With the formal presentation of the SSF and a few examples, the Mastermind Webinar Group is able to show the student an entirely new perspective on the situation.

This happens every time.

Doctors asking for help?

Human nature does not allow for us to see ourselves as objectively as others can. Therefore, we need a third party, preferably without a competing motive, to give us accurate feedback for self-improvement.

How many people do you know that like to ask for help, much less doctors?

Most type-A personalities don’t like to ask for help, and that attitude can unfortunately become even more entrenched through the process of medical eduction.

“Even if you don’t mind seeking help, you’d avoid it if you could.”

If you’ve had negative experiences when seeking help to overcome a challenge, it is probably because the ‘alliance’ you formed was not in perfect harmony. As Napoleon Hill so clearly teaches, a Mastermind Alliance occurs when people are in perfect harmony and work toward a definite objective. The Success Story Format will enable you to have a Mastermind Alliance with yourself!

With practice, you can become proficient in the use of the Success Story Format and your confidence will grow. Besides writing personal statements and application narratives, you can use the Format during interviews.

Aren’t you just rewriting history?

Have you ever thought about the difference between putting a spin on something versus having a different perspective? Spin is what the politicians and sleazy sales people do – essentially telling lies. Perspective involves belief.

Therefore, a Mastermind Webinar on the topic of the Success Story Format is really a group therapy session whereby our tool is used to help the student discover often how difficult times in their life actually turned out to be a blessing in some way. Objective evidence is sought and documented, and belief in the new perspective follows quickly. Usually within 1-2 days or even as fast as 10 minutes, the student gains an entirely new outlook.

“What’s your story?”

If you don’t interview well or have something from your past or academic record that has been difficult for you to explain with a smile, then you don’t need to look any further to solve the riddle.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve helped applicants overcome:

  • Low MCATs and GPA
  • Legal trouble
  • Previous failures to gain acceptance to medical school

How much would that be worth to you?

Doctor Dan paid $5,400 from a Fortune 500 Headhunting Company to learn this technique and he believes God used it to save his career after deciding to leave a malignant residency program. The SSF is the cutting-edge tool being taught at the highest, exclusive levels. He includes the Success Story Format as part of the regular training in the Medical Mastermind Community at no extra charge.

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