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 What is AMP’ed?

  • Your only way to get personalized coaching and advice with telephone calls directly to Dr. Dan.
  • A custom training course to AMP up your personal essays and shine in your application and interviews

Here’s what’s included:

  1. $650 value – Three, one-on-one coaching sessions with Doctor Dan to go over the specifics of your application. This will result in a systematic analysis of your strengths and weakness, and how to leverage all of your resources to reach your dreams.
  2. $249 value – The Interview Trails UNCUT, an 8-DVD set of Doctor Dan’s completely uncensored video blog he created during the 2010-2011 Residency Interview and Match season. Hear the dirty secrets that he can’t expose on  public podcasts – ONLY here!
  3. $479.99 value – Lifetime access to the newly redesigned, totally Mobile-Accessible MMC website content. You will have access to all future content created and uploaded onto Medical Mastermind community, and that’s a lot since it began in 2009 and has a bright future.
  4. $225 value – Personal Essay workshop with custom video feedback in analysis of YOUR essay. The video will only be seen by you and the VERY SMALL group of participants in the AMP’ed class. It will NOT be used publicly, on the podcast, or uploaded into the MMC website itself for anyone else to see – EVER.
  5. $99 value – Know what you need to work on most when you get your MMC Application Score for the entire contents of your application. This tool researches and calculates a numeric value, combining elements from your whole application, from your research and volunteer experience to your academic scores – combined into one global score.

Total = $ 1,712.99 value

 Look at the NEW Material in this Course:

  • Updates for the Malignant Residency Program course:
  • The Truth about Screening Residency Applications
  • Applicant Do’s and Don’ts
  • When to Apply, and When Others Give Up
  • Weak application? How To Find Easier Residency Programs and Medical Schools
  • Mock Interviews

How is the course set up?

3-week course via teleconference, email and online course material

  1. Fill out the MMC Application Score Assessment Form and email it to Dr. Dan.
  2. Call and talk to Doctor Dan on his personal cell phone.
  3. WORK (yes, I said you have to work 😉 on your specific action list from Dr. Dan’s coaching
  4. Start / Improve on your Personal Essay
  5. Attend the group teleconferences (or watch the videos later).
  6. Use your creative time to watch other MMC videos of interest
  7. Follow up on the phone with Dr. Dan – don’t call him until you’ve done the steps above!
  8. Complete the online curriculum assigned.
  9. Take and pass the oral, final exam with Dr. Dan.
  10. Go forth and be successful in your career!

 How much does it cost?




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