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Jan. 2014 “Dr. Dan, I just want to take a quick moment tonight to thank you for introducing Napoleon Hill’s Science of Personal Achievement to me. I downloaded a full recording to my iPad about a year ago when I was subscribed to your website and never listened to it until recently. I bought Think & Grow Rich and have read it multiple times. I have my definite major purpose on my nightstand to read day and night and have done so consecutively for about 2 months now. Anyone has the ability to pick up a copy and alter the perspective and course of one’s life but I wanted to thank you for introducing it to the premed community. However, it does take a mature student to take to heart and commit to a definite major purpose and be dogmatic about it but thank you for emphasizing its importance! I am thrilled to have completed a few surveys for you and regained a years worth of membership and I am looking forward to the content you put out in the future!”  Best, Austin Newsam, Georgia State University, Sophomore

Aug. 2013 “Hey Dr. Dan, To start, I want to thank you for everything that your site provides as far as getting me prepared for applying to medical school. I was curious about your idea of making audio notes. Could you possibly point me in the right direction for this? Also, do you record your lectures that attend or do you just do your notes thatyou have written? I am a very busy student with volunteering and working a few jobs all while being in school full-time so I am crunched for time. I have a close group of friends that listen to your podcasts and do everything you say. I have a friend whose name I will not mention, and he got a drinking ticket while he was a freshman. How should he go about explaining this on his application and or possibly in an interview? Once again thanks for all that you do.” Dylan Olson

June 2013 “My name is Ben Sebreros, I recently became a member of the medical mastermind community. I have been listening to your podcasts for months now, and it got me through the mcat “phase” of the pre-med process. I am currently in the process of applying for medical schools.  I listened to and read much of the advice that you and others gave about preparing the application for medical school, and that was a tremendous resource for me. Coming from a family of no physicians and parents who had no college education I had to figure out most everything by trial and error. It has been a great journey, and learning experience.  I just wanted to say thank you for your positive attitude, encouragement, and the many many hours you have put into helping people like me. Your vision and passion are inspiring and contagious. Thank you.” Ben Sebreros 

Apr. 2013 “Hello Dr. Dan, I have really been enjoying your podcast. I am not yet a member but hope to sign up as soon as midterms are over so that I can dedicate enough time to really go through the site.  I recently realized that medicine was my top interest area and that it felt like a calling for me. But there is something that has been concerning me. You seem to have the most unbiased information so I hope you can answer my question. As a religious person, I do not believe abortion in a vast majority of situations is okay. I realize that people have very different opinions on this and I don’t want to challenge anyone. I just personally cannot participate or perform an abortion. In medical school or during intern years could I be required to participate in or perform an abortion? I know you’re busy but if you have time to answer my question I would really appreciate it. [question answered by email] I also wanted to let you know your method of turning notes into questions and reading them into a recording with a pause then reading the answer has been really helpful. I just took my first genetics midterm yesterday and felt that I did better on that test than any test I have taken before. Thank you for all that you do,” Kelsey

Mar. 2013 “Hi Dr. Dan. First and foremost- thanks so much for providing a great resource:  my reviews do in fact come from the heart! I’ve written reviews on both the Medical School Podcast and Student Doctor podcast on Itunes, the Facebook page and a youtube video to tell you (and everyone else) how much I appreciate your work.  Now I seem to remember you mentioning at one time during one of the podcasts that leaving said reviews would earn one 30 days access to the rest of the Student Doctor podcast series?  Hoping this is still the case…[the answer was yes] Thanks again,” Kelsey Coy

Nov. 2012 “I wanted to write you and thank you for you “cyber mentoring” over the past three years.  I have my first med school interview next week and I am incredibly excited and grateful for your advice. I can’t thank you enough!” Grant Woodfin

Nov. 2012 “I really appreciate all your help and thank you for taking your time to help us med hopefuls! Thanks.” Anida H.

Aug. 2012 “Thank you for the guidance and support you provide. I truly appreciate all of the time, energy and heart you have put into building the Medical Mastermind Community. I look forward to learning everything it has to offer! In the meantime I’ll keep listening to your podcasts and hoping I’ll win the lifetime access one of these months! 🙂 Sincerely,” Erin Joy Bullough

July 2012 “Dr. Dan, I got accepted to multiple medical schools in large part from your resources. I didn’t know how else to say thanks, so I sent you a free 5 minute “podcast episode” because yours were valuable to me. Click the link to access the mp3 from my dropbox. Sincerely,” Neal Christopher


June 2012 “Hi Dr. Dan, I left comments on how great your podcasts are on youtube, Facebook, and on ITunes! I listened to your podcasts at work and they were awesome!” Stefanie Gillson

May 2012 “What a fantastic site! Thank you for giving me access to your Medical Masterminds Community Site.  I finally got a few moments the other night to spend some time perusing through the site, resources and lectures and I was very impressed.  What a fantastic resource!  That’s probably the most intensive and comprehensive resource program I’ve seen.  It’s great how everything the students need is right at their fingertips including notes and resources the students can print.  Incorporating audio and visual resources probably makes the material easier to digest for the students. You have a very inspirational program and there are a lot of elements in there that could kick our mentoring program up a notch.  Thank you again for sharing your site, it definitely got my brain thinking about different directions we can take our program here at Hispanic Scholarship Fund.  I’m sure we’ll be speaking again in the future. Thanks.” Nick, Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Mar. 2012 ” I really liked the video and the tips are extremely helpful.  By the way,  thanks for everything that you do.  I have been listening to your podcast for some time now, and you have done such a great job in helping premed students.  Your insight has calmed many of my anxieties and I now feel confident about the MCAT and the application process.” Chris Morris, Phoenix Arizona.

Jan. 2012 “I am finding the audiobooks very useful. I am training for the Boston Marathon and have been listening to Neuroanatomy during my training — very nerdy but very time-efficient.

I have recently signed up as a lifetime member and just received the audiobook package. As I am putting the mp3 files onto my computer, I am realizing they are not particularly organized (or at least not organized in a way that I am aware of yet).
Could you please let me know if there is a key or some resource available to help me organize and compartmentalize all of this information into blocks/systems.” Dylan S., Medical Student
[In response to the above email, we are surveying and looking at reorganizing the DVD-ROMs into  systems-based topics so that they compliment the semesters at medical schools where a systems-based curriculum is taught. Dr. Dan Feb 4, 2012]

Jan. 2012 “I have been listening to the Apollo Audiobooks CD’s awesome product… Jim, M.D.

July 2011 “I have been going through the MindMap and it is such an awesome tool. I want so badly to become a physician but for two years of my undergrad I felt as though I lack what it takes to overcome the daunting task of getting into medical school. This feeling kept me from committing to that path completely. After joining the mastermind community I now feel equipped to tackle the necessary tasks to become a competitive applicant. Confidence is something that I lack in multiple areas of my life and as a result I refrain from attempting to do many things. However, I can now say that, thanks to your program, I feel confident that I will do have what it takes to get into medical school and ultimately have a fulfilling career in medicine. So thank you, your work is greatly appreciated!” Casey Kennedy, Billings Montana

June 2011 “I’m very excited to have received this membership!  I know the audiobooks, courses, and more will prove invaluable to my success in medical school, on USMLE exams, residency selection and matching, and beyond!  I wish I had this program while I was still an undergraduate; it would have been very helpful when preparing for the MCAT, application, and interviews.” David Sandlin, M.D./Ph.D. Student

May 2011 “Anyone that thinks they would even glance at this material should enter the raffle because someone has to win and might as well be you!  And whether you win or not, taking advantage of this resource gives you a huge advantage to your learning! Thank you.” Don Winder

Apr. 2011 “Wow!  Best Podcast Ever! I have been a practicing chiropractor for 4 years and am now looking to get into medical/osteopathic school.  I am scheduled to take the MCAT in one month and then submit my application.  I am considering Caribbean medical schools.  However, it has been difficult to get any reliable information about those schools.  I learned more about Caribbean medical school in the 90 minutes of listening to your podcast than 3 months of independent research. Thanks again,Go Medical Mastermind!!” Anonymous Chiropractor

Mar. 2011 “If I had had your site, I would have went to a U.S. school.” Doctor X

Mar. 2011 “For those of us who have followed you since the days of your medical mastery podcasts, your recent and continued success is no surprise. Your no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to this circus is a breath of fresh air, and the advice you give is founded in reality as opposed to focus groups, which really shows. Most importantly, it has been advice and positive feedback born out of compassion rather than a quest for profit. It is not difficult to see that you genuinely care. Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do, and a hearty congratulations for having your efforts be recognized on a bigger stage.” Andrew

Feb. 2011 “Before I joined Mastermind I was truly lost. I had a purpose/dream that I had always harbored but some how lack a way to achieving it. Your site has help me to become unglued from my situation, changing from just thinking into doing and changing from frustration to focused will. Its still a long road in front of me with many obstacles and a lot of nay sayers. But with what you have created and share I no longer feel alone nor do I feel afraid.” Bryant

Dec. 2010 “I’ve been a fan of yours for years and have successfully moved from the middle of no-where in Mississippi after high school to getting interviews at great schools. I owe a lot of my success to you, your podcasts and website. Thank you. As you’ve mentioned, getting interviews are tough. However, performance during the interview can be equally difficult. This timeline allows students to anticipate and correctly identify these shortcomings, and I know from following you these past 2-3 years, you give the students everything they need to survive this “game”. Thank you for taking time out of your life to helping those that are sincere and committed to giving care.” Jake, Middle-of-Nowhere, Mississippi

Nov. 2010 “I never thought that gaining knowledge about medical school would be this easy. It has always seemed so cryptic to me, like being an astronaut, or in the CIA. I feel lucky to have the luxury to download podcasts and listen to them while I drive, while I run, while I take a lunch break, literally anywhere! The real accomplishment of this podcast is giving me confidence. It makes me feel like I am not wasting my time, it is not too late to pursue this, and this dream can be a reality! I hope this serves everyone just as much as it is serving me!” U.S. Soldier

Sep. 2010 “I just wanted to congratulate you on the success of your course materials and in getting your message out. I started listening to your podcast two years ago when I started considering trying to transition into the career as a physician. I’ve watched your websites and podcasts grow. Recently when AMSA began starting a medical mastermind community to support medical students, I thought it had the overall intentions of the groups you were working on. Come to find out, it appears that you are one of the driving forces behind it! Congratulations. Best regards,” Brian H. from Boston Massachusetts


Aug. 2010 “First I would like to thank you for spending the time to help those who have decided to pursue the medical career. I for one would have never thought I could even stand a chance at attempting to become a physician, but after listening to your pod-cast I have a new faith in becoming one.” Eugene Javorsky from Kochi, Japan

Jun. 2010 “Big ups to you! I appreciate you taking to the time to assess my needs for my premed journey over the phone. In particular, I liked how stayed focused during the conversation and helped me come up with a plan of action for success. I’ve been taking heed and feel more confident. Thank you : )” Bill Christian from Orlando, Florida

May 2010 “I have enjoyed listing to your videos, and reading you emails they are every inspirational and I commend you for your service to others by helping us. Thank you for your time.” Randy Freeman from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Apr. 2010 “I  am a non-trad premed preparing for the MCAT,  and i have been a member of Medical Mastery for about a month.  I received my first disc about 3 weeks ago and the entire module is by far one of the best resources on the market!  The Free Mind format is easy to use, and makes the information not only easily accessible,  but the meat of the material is unlike anything else online or sold on the market. This is BY FAR one of the most significant bodies of information available for pre-med and medical students and I am so appreciative for all you are doing for us.  Thank you for using some of what little free time you have to make the next generation of doctors prepared academically, emotionally, economically, and spiritually for the fantastic journey we have ahead.” Toni Ognibene from Fresno, California

Mar. 2010 “Thank you very much. I would just like to tell you that I am so glad I ran across your podcast while searching for premed-related items on iTunes! You are extremely helpful and encouraging, and I feel much less scared of the whole application process as a result :)”  Sukriti Dabral from Boston University ’09

Feb. 2010 “Your podcasts have been a tremendous amount of help! Keep up the good work! Thank you.” Brittin Southard, a senior in High School

Jan. 2010 “Hi, Dr. Williams! I just wanted to say hello and THANK YOU! for everything that you do for us pre-med students. You are inspiring and such a positive beacon on an often daunting and unlit path. You seem to squeeze 48 hours out of a 24 hour day with everything that you do! You are truly a blessing to me. I am really excited about the new community.” Heather de Anda from Austin, Texas

Dec 2009 “I think this service is an absolute Awesome idea. You are showing us a side of the medical field that many institutions do not delve into. I am looking forward to future lectures!!! And just my personal advice to Dr. Daniel. Don’t ever change your personality and attitude. They’re great up-lifters for those of us who are looking for role models.” Adil from Stafford, Texas

Nov. 2009 “After asking for correct and supportive guidance from various people and sources, I thought Daniel was the best and he is really supportive. I can’t wait for this entire process of coursework to start. After finding a person who has been through a lot of struggles, I am really proud to get help from him and i think its great and would highly recommend this to any premed student. thanks Daniel for everything. I feel a lot more confident about my dream and appreciate all your support. Thanks once again.” Sweta Patel from Cleveland, Texas

Oct. 2009 “The lecture series are great because we often don’t know the real thing about med school. All we know about is TV shows, movies, friends, etc. So the lectures provide us with a real-life experience and gives us moral support. And we really need this most of the time.” Stephanie from Lima, Peru

Sep. 2009 “So far, the lectures seem helpful. The insider information is usually helpful. I am very interested in hearing more about more productive ways to study, medical school interviews, and balancing family and medical school.” Katerina from Tomsk, Russia

Aug. 2009 “I really liked the lecture a lot. After hearing your story, I am a little more confident about myself and my chances of getting into a med school.” Shafi from India

Jul. 2009 “I think the lecture series are informative and dispel any misconceptions that some premed students have, like me for example. I appreciate the opportunity to know about the background info for getting into med school.” Bulaguru , from Dallas, Texas

Jun. 2009 “The information given in today’s lecture helped tremendously. It helped to reassure me that persistence can help me to achieve my goals of a career in medicine. Sometimes discouraged by peers and counselors, but the info from the (your) session helped to give back the spark of wanting to pursue this career (especially from someone who has gone through the process).” Jessica from Greenville, Texas

May 2009 “I am an undergraduate in my junior year and believe this course will inform me of the next steps I need to make to advance toward a medical career.” Patricia from Houston, Texas

med student lectureApr. 2009 “The presentation was really well organized and I appreciated all the effort that was put towards helping out premed students and preventing them from changing their minds.” Saliva from Karachi, Pakistan

Mar. 2009 “I was so happy to find your information on iTunes. I have been trying to decide where I was going with my career for a few years, since I left active duty with the Army. I always wanted to do something big, and find a way to make a change. I just kept finding myself taking the easy way out, and taking short vocational classes that ended up at a dead end. I was interested in becoming a physician but I thought you had to be rich, or come from a better background to make it. Your podcast really gave me the confidence and motivation I needed. Thank you for putting this together and keep up the good work. You are making more of a difference than you could ever imagine.” Ron from Cedar Hill, Texas